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Radio Free D'ni: Progressive Folk

afbeelding van Nev'yn

Shorah, citizens of the cavern!

Don't forget there's another upcoming Radio Free D'ni this Sunday! This week's selection will be Prog Folk, a genre that covers a multitude of interpretations, without ever quite getting as histrionic as Yes (but coming close at times). Mal may not make it this week, so it could just be Ed and AlanD.

They will meet in Ae'gura in the courtyard.  The concert will start at 13:00 KI time and run until 15:00 (that's 8 to 10 pm UK time, 9 to 11 pm Western Europe) with some pre-show and post-show music so you can tune in your music players into the stream.

To listen in your browser, click on this link.

To listen in your audio player of choice, click this link.

Brought to you by Edison Rex, Malaclypse, and AlanDJ - The cavern's Radio Free D'ni team!

D'ni locatie: 
Ae'gura Courtyard
Datum van de gebeurtenis: 
juni 28, 2015 - 13:00 - 15:00
Bezorgd door: 
Edison Rex, Malaclypse, & AlanD
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